1. Economic risk framing increases intention to vaccinate among Republican COVID-19 vaccine refusers
    Wei Zhong, and David A. Broniatowski
    Social Science & Medicine, 2023
  2. Keep Your Heads Held High Boys!: Examining the Relationship between the Proud Boys’ Online Discourse and Offline Activities
    Catie Bailard, Rebekah Tromble, Wei Zhong, and 3 more authors
    American Political Science Review, 2023
  3. Proud Boys on Telegram
    Wei Zhong, Catie Bailard, David Broniatowski, and 1 more author
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  4. Twitter’s COVID Misinformation Removal Policy Was Not Associated With A Relative Reduction in Misinformative Accounts
    Wei Zhong, David Broniatowski, Mark Dredze, and 1 more author
    Work in Progress
  5. Diverging Paths: The Evolution of Partisan Evaluation Criteria from 1984-2020
    Wei Zhong, Maggie Zhang, Simin Chen, and 1 more author
    Work in Progress
  6. Subdued But Unbroken: Examining Supporter Interactions and Group Cohesion after Twitter’s Suspension of Proud Boys Accounts
    Wei Zhong, and Maggie Zhang
    Work in Progress